Repertoire & Choreography

“Baiana”  Lake Eden Arts Festival, Fall 2018

Lake Eden Arts Festival, Spring 2017 – “Baiana”

The dance piece “Baiana” is about connection, specifically about connection to power within our bodies, and through our communities. In our collaborative choreography process we become seekers, hungry for the balance between rooted embodiment and the momentum for change. We ask how our bodies both brought us home and called us to action.

  • Where is your hidden power?
  • What does resistance look like?
  • How does feeling something make you free?

At this time of political divisiveness, we gather to create a dance of belonging – Belonging to ourselves, and to each other. The song, which inspired our movement, comes from the state of Bahia in Brazil, where people understand song and dance as deeply connected to their homes, and to their identities. They sing of the joy of belonging. It is a song rooted in the pride of where and who you come from.

We strive to create supportive spaces for embodiment, expression, and wellness within every one of our projects. We hope we inspire in you the same sense of freedom that we each feel when we dance this “Baiana” and finally get to come home into our bodies.


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Event Ambient Enhancement 

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